I use these codes daily in multiple databases with QuickBooks, QODBC and Microsoft Access. They produce results and help me work faster and more efficiently.

I can't stand by your side as you incorporate them into your databases. I don't know your level of expertise with the software or with Visual Basic. Therefore, all of the code on this site is plain VBA, nothing fancy. You may confirm this with a Visual Basic reference source. I began programming in 1989 with GWBasic.

The QODBC code can be confirmed through FlexQuarters instruction material.

Experts-Exchange is a site where programmers worldwide exchange solutions and articles among members. You can find me there as koigirl and see my accepted solutions, articles and questions. Hopefully, this will instill some small bit of confidence in these posts.

You can find my books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I apologize for the disclaimer. The following only pertains to those who might try to take advantage of people helping others with free information.

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