Step-by-step how to track fuel gallons in QuickBooks by state and fuel type and then use QODBC to import the transactions into Microsoft Access and create a fuel gallons report.

Accompanies Experts-Exchange Article: How to Use VBA to Disable Non-Updateable QuickBooks Fields on a Microsoft Access Form (Part 2). Demonstration of Update Exceptions Table.

Demonstrates the QuickBooks tables form which is the first form you'll create using the book Database Magic! with QODBC.

How to link spreadsheets to Microsoft Access tables.

Demonstration of QODBC update exceptions using customers as an example.

Demonstrates the automated switchboard from the book: Database Magic! with QODBC.

Shows the automatic disabling of non-updateable fields in the customer form from the book: Database Magic! with QODBC.

Shows some of things you'll do with the customer form from Database Magic! with QODBC.

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