Fuel Reporting with QODBC

QuickBooks makes it easy to track vehicle expenses with accounts.

Track gallons by state and fuel type with the procedure in this post. You'll end up with a fuel report totaled by state and fuel type in only 7 steps.

The video below takes you step-by-step including:

1. how to create a blank database
2. where and how to paste the procedure and run it
3. how to create and format the report

All you need is:

1. QuickBooks 


Here's the procedure to paste into Access:

Replace ThisCalendarQuarter with any of these date macros:
  • All
  • Today
  • ThisWeek
  • ThisWeekToDate
  • ThisMonth
  • ThisMonthToDate
  • ThisCalendarQuarterToDate
  • ThisFiscalQuarter
  • ThisFiscalQuarterToDate
  • ThisCalendarYear
  • ThisCalendarYearToDate
  • ThisFiscalYear
  • ThisFiscalYearToDate
  • Yesterday
  • LastWeek
  • LastWeekToDate
  • LastMonth
  • LastMonthToDate
Capitalization is required.

Here's the video tutorial. Enjoy!

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