Pleasant Surprise! QODBC and QuickBooks 2012 Offer More Updateable Fields

If you have been to this site before, you probably know I use QODBC to write data from Microsoft Access to QuickBooks and to import data from QuickBooks into Microsoft Access.

I recently upgraded to QuickBooks 2012 from QuickBooks 2009 which also meant upgrading QODBC. I wish I'd upgraded sooner. What a pleasant surprise to discover previously non-updateable fields are now updateable.

For example, in the older versions of QuickBooks and QODBC, CheckExpenseLine memos were not updateable which meant moving back to QuickBooks from Microsoft Access to add or change wording in these memos. These are the memos on the check lines and not the checks.

DepositLineMemos are also updateable now.

If you use The Link Principle to link transactions to receipts and use QODBC, this is very good news because you can now automate your database to create the links for these previously non-updateable fields and write them to QuickBooks from your database.

If you are still composing memos like "ink for printer" or "fixed brakes on truck" and you scan receipts into the computer, you are missing a golden opportunity. For more on how to organize paperless records in seconds plus link them to QuickBooks, Quicken or other financial software, see The Link Principle (Amazon or Barnes & Noble).

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